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Self-defense attack leaves five injured

At least five bodyguards of the Oaxaca Public Security Secretary, Ernesto Salcedo Rosales, were injured during the armed attack they suffered by the self-defense group that operates in the community of Petaquillas, in Chilpancingo. On Tuesday night, the self-defense groups attacked the Salcedo Rosales entourage on the Acapulco-Mexico federal highway, when they were heading to the port to hold a meeting with Guerrero’s Secretary of Security, David Portillo Menchaca.

According to the police report, around 6:30 in the afternoon, in the town of Mazatlán, Chilpancingo, the delegation passed through a checkpoint of the self-defense groups; the armed men stopped him; however, he did not stop.

Then a persecution began and, on the elevated bridge in the community of Petaquilla, the secretary’s convoy was expected by another group of self-defense groups, which shot them.

According to the report, the official’s bodyguards repelled the attack. Minutes later, in Petaquillas an operation was deployed with state police, military and members of the National Guard. In the operation, the police and military dismantled the self-defense checkpoint and took the security of Petaquillas.

Different versions indicate that the self-defense groups took two of the secretary’s bodyguards to the community police station, who were rescued in the police operation. Traces of the operation remained at the police station: the forced door and the broken window glass. It is abandoned.

After the events, yesterday Petaquillas woke up in tense calm. The residents preferred to remain silent and those who spoke did so on the condition of anonymity; One of them denounced that the police and military took computers and medical equipment from the police station when they rescued the bodyguards; In addition, they took six self-defense groups, two of them women, without knowing where they are.


Yesterday, less than 24 hours after the attack, the Security Secretaries of Guerrero and Oaxaca met in Acapulco, where they offered a conference. Portillo Menchaca said that in the attack by the self-defense groups, five bodyguards of his counterpart were injured, but none by gunshot wounds.

He also stated that neither the Oaxaca Public Security Secretary nor the undersecretary were in the truck that was attacked by the self-defense groups. Before the media, the Oaxacan secretary explained that one of the trucks that was traveling in the rear of the procession was the one that was attacked, after it had to make a return.

He also asserted that armed men tried to intercept the vehicle and, although the personnel were unharmed, the car was disabled and they had to abandon it, resulting in some dislocations and fractures when they got to safety.

Separately, Governor Héctor Astudillo asked the State Attorney General’s Office to arrest the self-defense groups that attacked the Oaxaca officials.


Since 2016, the self-defense groups operate in Petaquillas and on the Acapulco-Mexico federal highway. In that stretch of highway they have shot tourists, ambushed police officers, detained reporters, beaten entire families, and even the governor once denounced that they narrowly shot him.

They have tried to disarm this group on several occasions; however, the settlers prevented it. The self-defense groups, according to official sources, are part of the Los Ardillos criminal organization.