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Senate endorses reforms that authorize taking 33 mmdp from the Health Fund

The plenary session of the Senate approved reforms to the General Health Law that authorize the taking of 33 billion pesos from the Trust Fund of Health for Well-being and being sent to the Treasury of the Federation “to be used to strengthen actions in health matters.”

This movement of resources was considered in the Income Law that was debated last week in the Senate itself, and said provision had to be landed in the General Health Law, which was generally endorsed by Morena, PT and PES with 47 votes to in favor, while the opposition cast 32 votes against.

Then, the particular vote rejected the proposals presented by MC, PAN and PRI, and it was approved by the plenary session with 46 votes in favor and 25 against.

In the deliberation of the opinion of the minute that was received from the Chamber of Deputies, the plenary session began a discussion that was the second part of the debate on Thursday, October 29, in which the minority assured that taking resources from the Health Fund serves to that the mega-constructions continue (Mayan Train, Dos Bocas Refinery and Santa Lucía Airport) of the six-year term, and the majority argued that it is not necessary to label the 33 billion pesos that go to the Treasury.

Beatriz Paredes Rangel (PRI) asked Américo Villarreal (Morena) to carry out a review of the causes for which resources from that health fund have not been used, when complaints of lack of coverage of catastrophic expenses accumulate, such as drugs for HIV, cancer, cardiovascular surgeries.

Martí Batres Guadarrama (Morena) replied: “Resources are not withdrawn from the Health Fund, on the contrary, they are put into the Health Budget so that they can be exercised.”

He also rejected the allegations that “those resources are being stolen, which is a true offense, infamy that we do not admit for any reason.”

At the bottom of the discussion, Morena and the minority crossed accusations of corruption in the management of public resources.