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Terrasses-du-Fleuve Park: the new footbridge will be installed after winter – L’

The recreational footbridge at the Parc des Terrasses-du-Fleuve, in the district of Chavigny, will see the light of day at the end of winter. The contract for the design, manufacture and installation of this gateway was awarded at a cost of $ 234,353.

The small wooden bridge to cross the stream will still be there this winter, after which it will make way for the permanent footbridge. The difficulty of the project lies in the fact that it must be installed above the spring high water mark and that several environmental standards had to be respected.

This bridge project is the result of the will of the citizens of the sector. For several years now, volunteers have taken turns to maintain the trail, summer and winter, and a small temporary wooden bridge has been installed by volunteers. The new pedestrian bridge, which will meet the prevailing norms and standards, will replace it.