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The balance between saving lives and providing a quality of life –

The balance between saving lives and providing a quality of life –

François Legault is constantly trying to find a balance between saving as many lives as possible and offering a better quality of life to Quebecers.

“There is no guide to operations for managing pandemics. We are looking at trends elsewhere. We must also see what is happening by region. And from the start, we have always followed and even done more than the recommendations of Public Health. But the big challenge is to avoid gatherings. We must keep the places which offer gathering opportunities closed, ”explains the Prime Minister.

If he says he understands that citizens are developing mental health problems, he wants to remain cautious. “It is not a good idea at the moment to reopen restaurants, gyms and theaters. Every day, I question our decisions. And I do my best to make the best decisions for Quebeckers, ”says François Legault, admitting that there is not a perfect recipe.

Meetings one at a time

He suggests exploring the possibility, for students for example, of having one-to-one meetings. “Students who spend days, alone at home, who are taught at a distance. I asked my team for a relaxation for one-on-one meetings. One person at a time, ”explains the Prime Minister, who deplores 1138 new cases and 28 additional lives lost in the last 24 hours.

“The battle is not won. It continues to be difficult. Especially for certain regions such as Saguenay – Lac-Saint-Jean or Lanaudière Nord for example. We will continue to monitor the results, ”he pleads.

Keep a good understanding with the Americans

Suggesting an aside to talk about the American elections, François Legault proposes to draw lessons from what is happening in the neighbors to the South. “The massive vote. People are surprised. We question ourselves. But it shows, among other things, great economic anxiety. People are afraid of losing their jobs, ”he believes.

But he trumpets that no matter who wins, the United States will always remain a crucial economic partner. “We have a surplus of $ 20 billion thanks to trade with them. We have always had good business relations with the northeastern states. And now there are exceptional opportunities to increase our exports to California or Texas. We are thinking about ways to work better with them. It is essential to maintain good economic relations, ”said the Prime Minister.

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