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The two victories

I pass the gates of Hacienda La Victoria knowing that I have arrived at a cattle farm that, picturesque detail, also has a pond with four specimens of paiche, the gigantic Amazonian fish, transplanted to this part of the Guayas province near Bucay, but not they had told me much more. What I find in the middle of this sort of vast savanna with a tropical climate, flanked by the mountains of the Sangay National Park, are a few herds of buffalo sharing a farm, not space, with mares, step horses, brahma and brangus heads, animals born from the cross between brahma and angus. I keep the memory of a succulent brahma hump that I ate at the Carmen restaurant, the last time I passed through Medellín, and I begin to speculate on the meats of these animals and especially with that of the buffalo, which I have never tasted properly, that is to say tender. I wonder what it will be like. They are large animals and they move around a lot, which could stimulate the infiltration of fat; who knows, softened by proper ripening could make a difference.

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