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They carry out delivery of the Morena leadership reception without Delgado or Ramírez Cuéllar

In a formal ceremony and without the presence of the incoming and outgoing presidents, this Wednesday afternoon the delivery of the reception of Morena’s national leadership took place.

Neither Mario Delgado, newly elected president of Morena, nor the outgoing leader Alfonso Ramírez Cuéllar attended the ceremony, in which representatives of both participated.

On behalf of Ramírez Cuéllar, the technical secretary of the Budget and Public Account Committee of the Chamber of Deputies, Neira Alvarado, handed over the position, while Rafael Estrada Cano received it on behalf of Delgado Carrillo.

The person who was present was the notary 234 of Mexico City, Héctor Trejo.

The delivery-reception ceremony took place at the Morena office located at 216 Chihuahua Street, in the Roma neighborhood of Mexico City.

On October 23, the INE announced that Mario Delgado was the winner in the third survey that was carried out to determine who should be the national leader of Morena. The dispute was between Mario Delgado and Porfirio Muñoz Ledo.

The general secretary will be occupied by Citlalli Hernández.