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They record the moment when a young man is arrested for not wearing a mask

Since November 1, the Government of Nuevo León published a decree in the Official Newspaper in which the use of face masks in public spaces and roads is mandatory.


A young man was arrested this Thursday by municipal police officers after not wearing a mask when he walked in the main square of Cadereyta, in Nuevo León.

The moment of the arrest was captured on video by a person who was at the scene and can be seen when the police, who were carrying long weapons, handcuff the young man and take them into a unit.

“Why are the police detaining him?” Asked the person who recorded the video.

“We are detaining him because he is not using the mask as recommended by the State,” replied a police officer.

The version given by the municipality is that the approximately 19-year-old young man was walking through the plaza and was intercepted by uniformed officers to urge him to wear the mask, as it is mandatory by a decree of the state Health Secretariat.

The offender began looking in his bags and later confessed that he forgot it at home, but that nothing would happen if he did not use it. The young man allegedly took an arrogant attitude towards the authorities.

“For this reason, he was arrested and sent to municipal cells to comply with the decree,” the official statement states.

An official source reported that the young man will have to serve an administrative arrest of up to 36 hours or will have to do community work.

The main square was cordoned off by municipal police to restrict mobility in that area.

Since November 1, the State Government published a decree in the Official Newspaper where the use of face masks in public spaces and roads is mandatory.

The case of the arrest in Cadereyta is the first to be known since the decree was published, which will remain in effect until November 31.

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