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‘What are you swallowing?’, The campaign that AMLO announced against obesity

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that he has already started the nutritional information campaign, which will be supported by the house-to-house distribution of 30 million copies of a cartoon titled “What are you swallowing?”, Drawn by Rafael Barajas. ” Snoop”.

At a press conference, the head of the federal Executive stated that the main reason for people who have died from COVID-19 in Mexico it was because they suffered from obesity and that has to do, he accused, with a poor diet.

“The nutritional information campaign has already started. A brochure that is already being distributed is being delivered house to house. How many million are there going to be? 30 million, it’s a comic strip,” said the president.

“As doctors, specialists know, the first place in death from COVID-19 is linked to obesity in our countryOf those who have died, unfortunately the highest percentage suffered from obesity and that has to do with diet “.

In the National Palace, the president indicated that nutrition education will be part of the teaching program in schools and will be strengthened with the distribution of the comic.

“We have already started and it is going forward because it will be in the schools, it will be part of the school textbooks, it will be in what is formal education. This is information (the distribution of the cartoon), let’s say, informal or informal education, but very important, very very important, “he added.

In the cartoon “What are you swallowing?” it is reported that Mexico is one of the 10 world powers in prepared food and the main producer in Latin America, in addition to pointing out that in 2012 this sector obtained profits of 28 thousand 300 million dollars.

“It is a business that produces few ultra-millionaires, a lot of garbage, a lot of fat people and a lot of diseases.”

He charged that almost all junk products are industrially processed from cheap substances, such as potato, wheat, rice or corn flours, animal waste, sugars, fats, oils, preservatives and other additives.

“Among them are snacks, cookies, ice cream, candy, sweets, sodas, canned juices, sweetened cereals, breads, pastries, soups and dehydrated and instant noodles, ready-to-eat dishes, hot dogs and other cold cuts.”