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What each team aspires to on matchday 17 of Liga MX


On matchday 17 of the 2020 Guard1anes Tournament of the MX League Three teams play their direct pass to the Quarterfinals, while nobody moves Leon from the general leadership. Those who are in the Repechage zone will try to score points to receive their duel at home.

LEÓN (39 points)

– Nobody takes away the general leadership.

– He’s already in the quarterfinals.

– Seeks to break the points record in a short tournament.

AMERICA (31 points)

– Secures his direct pass to the Liguilla by beating FC Juárez.

– In case of a tie, he would have to wait for a combination of results (Cruz Azul-Pumas and Chivas-Monterrey) to know if it happens directly.

– In case of defeat and victory of Pumas or Cruz Azul and Monterrey, it goes to Repechage.

PUMAS (29 points)

– He goes straight to the Liguilla if he defeats Cruz Azul.

– If he matches with the cement producers and Monterrey wins, he still has a direct pass.

– If he loses to Cruz Azul and Monterrey wins, he goes to Repechage.

BLUE CROSS (29 points)

– He will enter the Liguilla directly if he defeats Pumas.

– If he ties with those of Pedregal and Monterrey wins, he would go to Repechage.

MONTERREY (29 points)

– You have the possibility of entering the Liguilla directly. He must beat Chivas and wait for a tie between Cruz Azul and Pumas.

– To tie with the Flock, would have to wait for the result between celestial and university students.

TIGERS (27 points)

– With the possibility of entering the Liguilla directly. He would do it if he defeats the Atlas and they lose Monterrey, Cruz Azul or Pumas.

PACHUCA (25 points)

– He’s in playoffs. With a win or draw he would seal his party in this instance as a local.

– If Chivas and Santos lose and win (this one by more than five goals to Mazatlán), their Repechage match would be as a visitor.

CHIVAS (23 points)

– He’s in playoffs. If he beats Monterrey, he maintains his position in the top eight to receive reclassification at home.

– If he loses, combined with victories by Santos and Necaxa they would displace him and he would have the playoff game as a visitor.

SANTOS (22 points)

– His place is guaranteed in the playoffs. With a victory over Mazatlán and a loss for Chivas, he could be in the top eight and receive the reclassification match at home.

NECAXA (21 points)

– With a draw against Pachuca it is enough for him to remain in the playoffs.

– With a victory and combined with a defeat by Chivas and Santos, he could reach eighth place to receive the reclassification duel at home.

TOLUCA (20 points)

– To stay in the playoff zone you need to beat León or Juárez and Puebla lose or draw.

FC JUÁREZ (18 points)

– He is currently in the playoff zone. To stay there, he needs Puebla and Mazatlán to lose their respective duels or beat America.

PUEBLA (17 points)

– With repechage possibilities. He needs to beat Atlético de San Luis. May Mazatlán and FC Juárez lose their respective duels.

MAZATLÁN (16 points)

– With the possibility of repechage. He needs to beat Santos as a visitor. May Juárez and Puebla lose their respective duels.

– A tie would leave them out.

TIJUANA (14 points)


ATLAS (13 points)


QUERÉTARO (12 points)



– Removed.

– A victory against Puebla, combined with setbacks from Querétaro and Atlas, would manage to leave the general basement.