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What is the electoral landscape of the four key US states?

These four states are the ones that define the winner of the United States elections.


Americans remain in suspense on the results of presidential elections in key states where the vote count continues on Wednesday, in a race too close to declare a winner. Here’s an update on the situation in each of them.

Each state allocates a certain number of large electors or electoral votes. With those who are already scrutinized, Joe Biden currently has 264 voters and Donald Trump, 214. It takes 270 to get to the White House.

The Alaska’s Big Three Electors have not yet been attributed to no candidateBut the Democrats haven’t won there in decades. The uncertainty continues, however, in four states.


This southeastern state that traditionally votes Republicans has 16 large voters at stake. The count reaches 94% of the votes.

Trump has been leading the race since Tuesday night, but your edge is gone reducing during Wednesday and several media anticipate a very close result.

The president currently has 50% of the votes counted against 48.8% for Biden. Local authorities said they were in a position to finish counting the votes on Wednesday night.


He has six big voters at stake. The scrutiny reaches 86% of the votes in this western desert state that had elected Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Biden leads the fight with 49.3% against Trump’s 48.7%.

Local electoral authorities said at first that they would not release new results until Thursday before announcing that, “due to the strong interest in the vote in Nevada,” they would release new figures on Wednesday night.

But the bottom line, which could lead to Biden to the White House, It will probably not be known before Thursday morning.


The candidate who wins here gets 20 electoral votes. 79% of the popular votes have already been counted in this industrial state of the “Rust Belt” in the northeast, where both candidates campaigned strongly.

Trump has a clear advantage in Pennsylvania this Wednesday at night (51.4% versus 47.3% for Biden), but, according to the US media, the count of the many votes by mail should favor the Democratic candidate, a native of Pennsylvania.

Local authorities said the final result should be known by Friday.

North Carolina

Here are 15 big voters at stake. 95% of the votes have already been counted in this southeastern state, also traditionally Republican.

The advantage also for the time is for Trump (50.1%) over Biden (48.6%), but mail-in ballots sent through Election Day Tuesday will be valid there through November 12.

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