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1000 deliveries of food boxes! – The Weekly Journal

The Artisans of Peace, Le Bon Citoyen and Ebyôn, in collaboration with EcoByke, have just passed the milestone of 1,000 food box deliveries to people in need since the start of the pandemic in March.

“At the start of the pandemic, with my daughter, we left by bike for a small volunteer project for a few weeks. It was appreciated and it came to meet a need. It also meant that fewer people converge in the premises of organizations in a COVID-19 situation. So why not continue? The Artisans of Peace, Le Bon Citoyen and Ebyôn found the funds to meet the logistics of the project, ”explains Michel Letarte, founder of EcoByke.

“On the ground, we see that people appreciate it,” he adds. It also allows us to identify beneficiaries who have needs. For example, I went to carry food to a person who was isolated. It had been over 25 days since he had spoken to anyone. I put him in contact with the organization which was able to refer him for support. There is a social mission beyond the delivery of food that I really like. ”

The initiative also helped to come to the aid of people who were not necessarily able to travel directly to organizations. Nathalie Bruneau, general manager of Le Bon Citoyen, was able to see this.

“We make between 35 and 40 deliveries per week. We see that the need is there. Even before the pandemic, we had this project to find a solution to reach sick, elderly or people with reduced mobility, for example, for whom it was becoming difficult to travel. They were deprived of this service. We hope that it will survive the pandemic ”, she testifies.

Ms. Bruneau also noted that the food box delivery service reached many single people. She estimates that 60% of Le Bon Citoyen’s delivery list are single people.

At Artisans de la Paix, we also note that several people who did not use the food aid service have registered for the delivery service. The financial assistance the organization received through the Emergency Fund of Centraide Mauricie also made it possible to eliminate the contribution of $ 3 per person to receive a box of foodstuffs increased the number of requests for assistance. .

“We see that more people have asked for help since this contribution was abolished. We will have to think about it after the pandemic ”, specifies Robert Tardif, director general of the Artisans de la Paix.

The organization still has a budget to continue offering the food delivery service. “We will see after the holidays if we can continue the delivery service under another formula,” he adds.

With winter coming, ÉcoByke will have to put away its bikes when the snow takes over the streets. Michel Letarte would however like to continue the service in a different way. “There are several volunteers in the car helping out with this service. We also want to continue, but not by bike this winter, ”he concludes.