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7 thousand new businesses open in Mexico City

The businesses that added the most jobs are coffee shops, restaurants, grocery stores and online stores. Photo: Cuartoscuro / Archive


The Ministry of Economic Development reported that between April and October there are 7,216, the number of low-impact businesses that made their opening notice, according to the Electronic System of Notices and Permits of Mercantile Establishments (SIAPEM).

The openings of these establishments represent the creation of 66 thousand 424 new jobs for the capital, only in the month of last October more than 12 thousand were registered, in this sense the municipalities that lead the creation of jobs are: Coyoacán, Benito Juárez and Miguel Hidalgo.

The lines that added the most jobs are coffee shops, restaurants, grocery stores and online stores.

It should be noted that even at the beginning of the National Sana Distancia Day, in April and May, the most critical months so far, the records in the SIAPEM did not stop, adding 490 and 372 new economic units respectively.

The head of Sedeco, Fadlala Akabani, mentioned that the economic dynamics of the capital continued to function, the staggered reopening led by the head of Government, Claudia Sheinbaum, has allowed to open practically 97 percent of the economic units of the city today , without putting the health of the capital at risk.

We have chosen to train through online courses and workshops to those who have opened new establishments in the City, the training allows businesses to have greater profitability and a long life, at the same time that we promote electronic commerce and the use of Online banking, with the implementation of virtual business meetings, we promote Networking between suppliers and buyers, forming value chains ”he indicated.

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