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Alonso Ancira regrets not being with AMLO ‘at the time’

The owner of Altos Hornos de México (AHMSA), Alonso Ancira, offered an interview to Latinus, the site created by journalist Carlos Loret de Mola where he details his current situation from Spain.

The businessman considered that they are “circumstances that mark our destiny and in this case false accusations, crimes that do not exist and claims for refund of money that do not exist, legally”.

Asked if he “got along” with the current government, he considered that only “superficially” and of the only members of the federal government, he pointed out that he only knew Alfonso Romo, who came to belong to the AHMSA board for 11 years.

He insisted that there was no corruption in the price of 275 million dollars for which the Agronitrogenados plant was bought, he affirmed that “it was a good deal” and if he had been the owner of Pemex he would have bought it.

Later, Loret de Mola asks him, “looking back (in the past), what did you do wrong?”, To which Ancira replies, “not having been with Peje (López Obrador’s nickname) at the time.”

Later, he affirms that he is willing to pay 200 million dollars, although “with terms and time”, if the president apologizes to him, after the accounts of both him and AHMSA were unfrozen.