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America, in defeat and victory

November 06, 2020

I remember four years ago when I was still studying in Moscow and I had to witness on a very cold morning the moment when Trump Pennsylvania won and with that automatically took the presidency of the United States. Also, some photos of Russian legislators drinking champagne, eating sandwiches with caviar and celebrating the Trump victory.

At that time everything was joy for the Republicans, for the citizens who voted for Donald and for the countries that could take advantage of that victory.

Today it seems that Republican laughter, champagne, sandwiches and populist dreams of making America great could fade if the candidate preferred by the conservative electorate of the North American nation is not re-elected.

Most of the conservative states gave their vote to Donald.

The slogan “Democrats are socialists” worked for Latinos (Cuban-Americans, Colombian-Americans, and Venezuelan-Americans) on the east coast. On the other hand, Latinos in Texas decided to support a Donald trump, who has known how to lead them by the values ​​of the economy, family and religion. But the Latino from Arizona and Nevada has positioned himself between the reds and blues.

Although the rural vote and the more conservative communities went to Trump, the opposite happened in the counties of the big cities or of some southern states and the swing states.

But what happened to many of us around 10 at night was that we let ourselves be carried away by the feint of the face-to-face vote count and we did not pay attention to the fact that the advanced votes would be added hours later in the counts.

The following should be noted: although we see a Joe biden obtain the popular vote and be one step away from defining his presidential victory with the electoral colleges, it is quite interesting to know that many people decided to give their trust to Donald. Yes, although it seems ridiculous and foolish to vote for the liar-populist, it is clear that in many parts of the “first world” country there is still a love of hate, racism and polarization.

Inclusive, Biden, obtaining more than 78 million votes, surpassing the mark obtained by Barack Obama in 2008 and almost gathering the 270 polling stations, his opponent will not give up so easily.

Everything seems to indicate that Donald trump it would be losing the key states that were Republican stronghold in 2016 and now it would be gaining them Biden.

As was already known, and the same Trump Had I considered it, we would be seeing not only a vote recount in lost states, but also a legal battle in the United States Supreme Court.

Defeat for Trump it has a meaning that goes beyond reelection. The defeat would represent a legal and judicial problem.

The victory represents his pride and the polarization that he has created in a country full of hatred, racism and xenophobia.

Everything points to what Biden he would be winning the presidential election by covering the electoral colleges necessary for victory, but a Trump Desperate, he will try at all costs to buy time to find the mechanism and force a battle that would demerit not only American democracy, but also cause social chaos within its population.

I win Biden or Trump, the control by the Capitol is pending. The Senate for the Reds and the “House” for the Blues?

The coin is still in the air for everyone.

In defeat and victory, the United States loses.