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AMLO calls to take care of democracy before the electoral process of 2021

Ahead of the midterm elections in 2021, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador called on all actors to help ultimately establish a truly democratic political system.

“May democracy take root, become a custom, a habit, that we all take care of democracy and that we do not return to the stages of prevalence of fraud, of the purchase of the vote, of the filling of the ballot boxes of the falsification of the minutes, that is left behind “.

In his press conference in the National Palace, the head of the Executive insisted that we all have to help be guardians so that the vote of the citizens is respected and that the elections are fair and free.

“And report fraud. Now in the Constitution, fraud is a serious crime, whoever commits fraud goes to jail without the right to bail.”

President López Obrador assured that in democratic matters his administration is not going to allow setbacks, so “we all have to continue to promote that there is an authentic democracy, no simulation, because in the speech there was talk of democracy, but there was not, only fraud “.

“Fraud in 88, in 94, in 2000, 2006 and 2012, and now, it’s over, one of the most regrettable betrayals of democracy is that after many years and the effort of citizens it is possible to get rid of Los Pinos to the PRI, Fox arrives and in the first government, in the end, there is fraud again, it takes six years, the one that arrived with the banner of democratic change fosters fraud and worst of all confesses it, says: of course That he loads the data, no way that I was going to allow a danger to Mexico to reach the Presidency, as he says, it is regrettable. “