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China bans entry of travelers from a dozen countries due to covid-19

China decided to prohibit the entry of travelers from a dozen countries affected by the coronavirus, including France, Russia and Italy, in order to prevent the spread of the virus in its territory, where it emerged at the end of last year.

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The Asian giant practically closed its borders at the end of March and drastically reduced international flights, although it began to gradually open them in recent months.

But nevertheless, Embassies in the UK, Belgium, India, the Philippines and other countries announced this week that Beijing had decided to “temporarily suspend” the arrival of non-Chinese citizens to the national territory, even if they have valid visa or residence permits.

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France, where the number of infected and dead increases exponentially, has been the last country to join that list, the Chinese embassy in Paris announced on Thursday.

He stressed that this ban will be reviewed “depending on the evolution of the situation” of the epidemic. Russia, Italy and Ethiopia are also affected by this decision.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry on Thursday defended its “reasonable and fair” decisions that “are inspired by practices in force in many countries.”

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