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COVID-19: No easing of measures for the moment in Montérégie –

Even if the situation has improved in Montérégie, especially in cities that are part of the Metropolitan Community of Montreal (CMM), the Director of Public Health in Montérégie, Dr. Julie Loslier, will not relax the health measures in force. for the time being. She wants the contagion rate outside MWC to decrease, as has been the case for cities near the metropolis.

In red zone since October 1, MWC cities’ rate has fallen in recent weeks, the doctor said. It has plateaued since October 20. The rates of these municipalities qualify instead in orange, depending on the color tier of government, informs Dr. Loslier.

“In the non-CMM, we saw a very, very, very rapid increase in cases from the beginning of October. For about two weeks, we have been on a plateau, but a plateau that is clearly in the red, ”says the Director of Public Health of Montérégie. This sector of the Montérégie has moved into the maximum alert zone (red) October 16. She hopes that the cases will decrease in the coming days, as it did for MWC.

“Even if we have a plateau in the CMM which is more in the orange, I am not announcing any change of level, she said. We have seen that it can quickly degenerate. We saw it at the start of the second wave. And above all, we can see the effectiveness of the red level. ” It emphasizes that the measures put in place during the transition from yellow to orange were not enough to curb contagion, while the measures in the red zone are working.

She would like the rates of the non-CMM sectors to join those of the CMM.

Dr. Loslier indicates, however, that she is in continuous discussion with other public health departments to assess the various measures in force. As the Prime Minister indicated in a press briefing earlier this afternoon, the difficulty is to find a balance between constraining the progression of the virus and limiting the effects of the measures put in place.

The territory of the Montreal Metropolitan Community (CMM)


Asked about what will happen during the holiday season, the doctor said that a national public health team was specifically dedicated to the Christmas period. “I am very sensitive to that. We’ve been isolated for a long time. When we have experienced a first wave and we have had a lull, the impact is all the harder during a second wave, ”she emphasizes. Public Health will have to decide soon on the holiday season.

Montérégie has 200 outbreaks on its territory. The doctor says an outbreak can have only two cases and that outbreak records are kept active for a period of time, which increases the number of outbreaks. They are mainly distributed in the workplace and in the school environment. The region has around 30 outbreaks of more than 20 cases.