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COVID-19: the Mauricie still on a plateau – L’

The director of public health and population responsibility at the CIUSSS MCQ, Dr. Marie Josée Godi, provided an update on Friday afternoon on the situation in the Mauricie and Center-du-Québec regions. The region remains on a plateau in terms of cases, but the situation remains fragile according to the director, so that the red zone will remain in place for each of the sectors.

In the past 24 hours, the number of new cases has increased by 59 in Mauricie and 31 in Center-du-Québec, as 89 people have recovered from COVID-19. The total number of hospitalizations increased to 23 (+2), including 2 hospitalizations in intensive care (+1). No new deaths are to be deplored for the region.

“You are no doubt aware of the requests to lighten the measures relating to the red bearing. The government has however reiterated the importance of continuing to apply the measures as long as the results concerning the control of the spread do not meet public health expectations, says Dr. Godi at the outset. Every day, my teams analyze the situation in the region. ”

For the Center-du-Québec, from 1er September to November 4, there was a significant rise in new cases early on. “We see later on passing into the red zone that efforts have been made and the trend was downward. We encourage the population to keep up the efforts. ”

In Mauricie, progress has been constant since the start of the second wave, but without being exponential. “We are still asking people to make efforts to limit this increase, which remains significant,” recalls the director.

To return to the orange zone, the CIUSSS MCQ wants to see a control of community transmission.

In today’s report, there is a fifth outbreak at the Trois-Rivières hospital. “The cases we observe often come from the community and when we have a case, we increase prevention measures and visits are limited. We precede the screening of all staff and users to contain and control the outbreak, ”says Dr. Godi.

Dre Marie Josée Godi, Director of Public Health and Population Responsibility of Mauricie-et-du-Center-du-Québec.

The director explains that the situation is specific to Trois-Rivières with several outbreaks in schools and workplaces. “The numbers of cases are high in Trois-Rivières and we ask people to be extra vigilant, but also for people who work in Trois-Rivières or who pass through there to limit their contact when traveling.”

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The situation of Haut-St-Maurice

Why keep La Tuque in the red zone with only five active cases, just like the Parent sector, which has not experienced any cases since the start of the pandemic?

“We have a particular concern for Haut-St-Maurice because at the start of the first wave, the region was preserved. And on the other hand, there are active cases around Haut-St-Maurice which is surrounded by red zones, both to the south and to the north. You should know that the mobility of people and the fragility of the health network for these territories are a concern. It was felt that these territories should remain at the red level because of the neighboring territories whose community transmission is active. This is a situation that we are monitoring very closely. We would like to see an absence of cases over several weeks and for the situation to improve for the neighboring territories. ”

How does the management work with the indigenous communities in the territory? “We have attentive support and we have agreed to support the health units of the Aboriginal communities in the implementation of measures when a case arises,” replied Ms. Godi.