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‘De Brutas, Nada’; more cunning than ever


That a girl caches her guy with another, in his own bed, is a direct ticket to put him on the street, and if he sets up a garage sale with his clothes, it will come out cheap for the compadre.

Poor Cristina (Tessa Ia) who has to live such a situation in Gross, nothing, the new adaptation of the well-known book and first call for attention, commercially, to feminism and machismo, Gentlemen like them rather rude, by Isabella Santodomingo, whose Mexican adaptation premieres today on Amazon Prime Video.

I like that each of the characters has a very own struggle, very individual and of a different nature, and it makes me very valuable to say to all women ‘No matter how you are, if you are a mother of a family or a young entrepreneur, you are perfect and you need to keep looking for your personal fight. ‘

Because only then will we get to achieve something, “said Tessa Ia, via Zoom, Excelsior.

Her words make a lot of sense, not only because her character is unlucky to see her fiancée jerk off to another, but because, in real life, Tessa is a woman who promotes gender equality and doesn’t shake her hand. time to defend women from the louts who come to insult their revolution.

You don’t have to take anything personal, you just have to try to be as respectful as possible. I think we forget because of the facade of anonymity, it happens to all of us, it becomes very easy for us to say ‘asshole’ to someone, when you could say face to face. There is a very difficult digital world to deal with, ”he added.

In Gross, nothing, the women in the series face one more obstacle: cell phones, WhatsApp, social networks, influencers and a world that tries to take precedence in family and love relationships.

It happens to Esther (Marimar Vega), rejected in a single date by Alejandro (Christian Vázquez), and to Graciela (Diana Bovio), a mother who is overtaken and deceived by her husband because of the sensuality of another younger woman, and the ability of your children to solve everything through the virtual world.

It has cost me. It was hard for me to be authentic on the networks. The pandemic came into my life to befriend them, to use them as a tool, but it is a double-edged sword. It continues to bother me to sit at a table and have people glued to the cell phone, when we could be face to face, ”shared Marimar Vega.

Throughout the series, one of Cristina’s best friends, Rodrigo (José Pablo Minor), openly gay, lives an affair with a sugar daddy (an older man with money), a stereotype that exists for both genders and that usually being stigmatized and frivolous.

As long as one is clear that where he is, he is happy; If this works and both parties have the approval and put aside the age difference, it is totally valid because the important thing is happiness and your own well-being, if you are inside this place you have to smile and let them say what they want, “he said. Minor.

Gross, nothing, adapted under the genre of dramedy, has nine chapters, the first part of which will be released while waiting to know if a second will come.

Where to see it?

  • Premiere today.
  • By Amazon Prime Video.
  • Nine chapters of 45 min.
  • Cast: Tessa Ia, Christian Vázquez, Marimar Vega, José Pablo Minor, Diana Bovio, Julián Román and Carolina Ramírez.


Christian Vázquez is one of the Mexican actors under the eye today, highlighted for being part of the film I take you with me, a co-production from Mexico and the United States, which has already won two awards at Sundance and is a strong contender to be nominated at the next Oscars.

The plot, directed by the American filmmaker Heidi Ewing, tells the story of a homosexual couple and a dreamer who seeks happiness while trying to make a living in New York.

If the news reaches me, I will be the happiest and the most fortunate to be part of such an important project, “he said.