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Deputies endorse modifications to Fiscal Miscellaneous


The Chamber of Deputies approved the amendments to the Fiscal Miscellany sent by the Senate of the Republic which eliminate the so-called “Big Brother Fiscal”, which empowered the Tax Administration Service (SAT) to take photos and videos to taxpayers during their visits and reduce ISR rates for digital platforms.

Amid severe criticism from the opposition for the correction of the plan made by the Upper House to the initiative of origin of San Lázaro, the bill approved by the Senate was approved with 313 votes in favor, 59 against and one abstention.

However, the plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies continued with the possibility of blocking digital platforms such as Netflix, Uber, Spotify, Airbnb and Amazon, in case of failing to comply with the retention and payment of ISR and VAT for three months, this reflected in the Code Federal Prosecutor.

The deputies approved that in the case of the provision of passenger land transport services and product delivery, it will decrease from 2.8 to 2.1%, in the accommodation services from 5 to 4%, while in the sale of goods and provision services from 2.4 to 1%.

In their positions, the deputies of the PRI, PAN, PRD, Citizen Movement, recalled that from the beginning, through their reservations, they had proposed substantial changes that in the end the Senate corrected them, since they violated the rights of taxpayers.

The deputy for the PRI, Mariana Rodríguez Mier Y Terán, trusted that the Senate’s modifications will help prevent violations of human and citizen rights.

This was to violate the human rights of taxpayers and of whoever this invasive surveillance system was going to be applied to, here we told them, that it was not viable, that it was unconstitutional and that it violated international treaties, human rights treaties and not they listened to us, “he reproached.

In her speech, the deputy for the PAN, Sylvia Garfías, reproached that from the beginning 200 reservations were presented to prevent the interference of the SAT with the taxpayers, but the legislative majority of Morena blindly obeyed the Executive’s proposal.

A few days ago we attended to precisely this issue, around 200 reservations were presented on this same issue, we told them to think a little bit, how was it possible that they allowed the SAT to exceed the limits of a private situation, and they obediently refused they voted for what their boss sent them, “he said.

In favor of the tax ruling, Petista Gerardo Fernández Noroña assured the viability of the taxes and said that “the coronavirus is child’s play compared to the damage of past administrations.”

I maintain here that the coronavirus is child’s play compared to the damage that the PRI and the PAN and their governments did to the Homeland and the country’s population, they plunged the people into misery, “he said on the platform.

His benchmate, the deputy for Baja California Sur, Alfredo Porras, was ironic when he said that the opposition came to give them economics classes, when they also approved controversial tax increases.

Have you already forgotten the Roqueseñal? It happened here, have you already forgotten the VAT increase in the last administration? It happened here in these benches and I cannot recover the Baja California tax and they come here to give us economic recipes on how to behave ”, he declared.

The deputy for the PRD, Abril Alcalá, pointed out that from the Senate, “they are teaching them to legislate”, by returning their controversial budget initiative, and even the majority of the Senate has greater sensitivity than the Morenoites in San Lázaro.

I thank the senators because here there is a great difference from the majority, even there, the Moreno senators had criteria and sensitivity to know what was happening to Mexico, how the increase in tax on platforms would harm them, ”he said.