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Dismembered children in CDMX sold sweets

Héctor Efraín and Alan Yair were known as “chambeadores”. They saw them helping their parents by selling sweets. His remains were found when a man was transporting them in a little devil on Sunday, November 1.

Both were children of indigenous Mazahuas from San Antonio Pueblo Nuevo, State of Mexico, and inhabitants of a neighborhood on Calle Pensador Mexicano. Since they were little they accompanied each other during working hours as helpers to their parents traveling merchants.

Héctor, one of the children whose remains, along with those of his friend Alan Yair, were allegedly dismembered in a neighborhood in the Centro area, was fond of dirt bikes, and on that pretext his captors and murderers took them away; They even invited them to “give thanks” to Saint Jude Thaddeus on October 28. After that night – around 8:00 p.m. – no one saw them alive again.

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Information provided by some of his friends to the agents of the Attorney General’s Office (FGJ-CDMX) who are handling the case, details that that day Héctor asked Alan Yair to accompany him to see his girlfriend with whom he supposedly planned to attend. to some motorcycle drag races, but it was all a lie, because in reality “the ride” was to torture them, murder them and then dismember them.

This was shown by the messages found on Héctor’s cell phone. He was communicating with a young woman who promised him a relationship and for which he was competing with a drug dealer.

And although they suspected that they had started to sell drugs, the family thinks that both were executed for their relationship with the young woman.

Forensic evidence revealed that the minors were tortured and mutilated. When it was is still unknown, but his relatives are demanding that the police investigate.

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Although the cell phone marked a Belisario Domínguez neighborhood as the last place where they were, the police did not look for them there.

Alan Yair and Héctor were 12 and 14 years old, respectively; However, there were people from the street of Pensador Mexicano who already feared them, others still saw them as children and yesterday they attended the neighborhood to release white balloons to say goodbye.