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Georgia prepares presidential election vote count

In several states there are mechanisms for counting ‘vote by vote’.


The authorities of Georgia they reported this Friday what will they proceed to a recount of the votes of the Tuesday elections in this state, where the democrat candidate Joe Biden is ahead of US President Donald Trump by a slight margin.

In a moment of maximum expectation on the results of the presidential, with Biden in the lead with 253 electoral votes, very close to the threshold of 270 votes to reach the White House, the Georgian authorities said that for now the results in this state are very tight.

With such a small margin, there is going to be a count in Georgia, “Brad Raffensperger, the Secretary of State, who is the Minister of the Interior in charge of process.

Georgia has 16 votes electoral, so if Biden wins it would be at doors of the presidency with 269.

All eyes are focused now however, in counting in Pennsylvania, that with their 20 voters if I would give him the keys of the White House.

In Pennsylvania, the trend favoring Trump was reversed and the Democrat ahead of the president by more than 14,000 votes, but the count goes on.

Trump’s campaign – which adds 214 votes so far for the Electoral College – warned that “the election is not over.”

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