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He is implicated in the homicide of two minors in CDMX

The Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City reported on Thursday the arrest of a person allegedly related to the discovery of the remains of two indigenous minors transported in plastic bags on a “diablito” (wheelbarrow) in the streets of Historic Center last weekend.

The entity indicated this day that, as part of the investigation, a search warrant (police search) was carried out on a property on República de Cuba street, in the Centro neighborhood (neighborhood).

During the investigations “different signs were located on the stairs of the building and inside the home, hematic remains and clothing were found,” the spokesman for the Prosecutor’s Office, Ulises Lara, said in a conference.

He said that such evidence is already being analyzed by experts from the forensic investigation coordination and expert services.

He explained that the investigation resulted in the arrest of a person identified as Baltazar “N”, 25, who was made available to the authorities “for his probable participation in the crime against health in the form of drug dealing, hypothesis of possession for commercial purposes “.

This subject is related as the person who possibly moved, initially, the remains of minors, 12 and 14 years old, “since their features are very similar to the person who appears in images with which he has this Prosecutor’s Office, “said the spokesman.

Last Sunday, agents of the Citizen Security Secretariat (SSC) of the capital arrested a 29-year-old man, who was carrying boxes with black bags, which fell when he noticed the presence of a police patrol on a surveillance tour.


The spokesperson indicated that it has been identified that the detained person “could possibly be the one who transported the cargo truck” from an initial site, which has been reviewed today, to a second site “where the boxes (containing) the remains of the minors were located. “.

According to the investigation, “when the boxes fell, said person returned home (reviewed this day) and in a second moment another person was arrested who later approached the truck and the boxes.”

Agents from the Public Ministry, Investigative Police, and the Special Reaction and Intervention Group participated in the operation, as part of the lines of investigation to determine the possible participation of other people.

In a separate message to the media, the head of the Office of the Prosecutor, Ernestina Godoy, described the events as “an atrocious and abominable crime that took the lives of two children. It is an inadmissible manifestation of evil.”

He assured that his agency has maintained permanent accompaniment to the families of the children “given the vulnerable condition of the victims, since they are minors and form part of an indigenous people.”


Meanwhile, the Network for the Rights of the Child in Mexico (Redim) demanded this day an efficient investigation and preventive measures of the two children who have disappeared since October 27.

“The brutality of the act shows us and confirms the presence of organized crime in Mexico City and the terror practices they use as a form of territorial control,” the network said.

He added that according to the forensic evidence “the two children were tortured and mutilated allegedly as revenge for a criminal group.”

For this reason, he reminded the authorities, especially the Prosecutor’s Office, “the importance of taking care of the secrecy of the investigation to avoid its re-victimization.”

According to figures from Redim, from January to September of this year 1,777 girls, boys and adolescents have been victims of homicide, that is, seven minors are murdered and disappeared in the country daily in a climate of total impunity.

The streets of downtown Mexico City are contested by criminal groups that sell drugs at retail and seek to control the market and its distribution.