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Hundreds of Protesters Arrested; they demand to respect your vote

Minneapolis. Hundreds of people marched through Minneapolis against racism and delayed vote counting.


Police yesterday arrested hundreds of people in Seattle, Minneapolis and Portland in protests demanding that all votes be counted in US elections.

In Minneapolis, police arrested more than 600 protesters at an interstate highway protest against threats to appeal the election results. In addition, they added a series of social injustices.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety said force was not used for the arrests.

In Seattle, Washington, seven people were arrested. One person was arrested for damage to private property and was taken to a hospital for “a medical episode,” police said.

The protests came as Trump insisted, without evidence, that there were big problems with voting and ballot counting.

In Portland, protesters smashed business windows and threw objects, including firecrackers, at police. Authorities arrested 10 people, Multnomah County Police said.

Seattle Protesters in Seattle, Washington, and in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, demanded that all votes be counted, given the delay in results.

Officers seized firearms, ammunition, fireworks, bulletproof vests and gas masks from the people who were detained, he said.

One of the people arrested had a rifle with a magazine, firecrackers, a knife and was wearing a bulletproof vest, the authority said.

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown called in the National Guard to deal with the situation in Portland, which has been the scene of racial protests almost every night since last May.

Some 150 proTrump and proBiden protesters challenged each other outside the Philadelphia Convention Center, Pennsylvania.

“Count all the votes!” Shouted supporters of Democrat Joe Biden, while Trump supporters demanded that the counting of votes that were untimely be stopped.