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In the Historic Center, insecurity worsens; report firearm shots daily


Merchants of Historical Center they warned that, in recent weeks, criminal acts have escalated in the area.

The tenants indicate that individuals who travel on scooters and who say they belong to groups such as the Unión Tepito or the Anti UniónThey are “raising” owners of establishments and for their release they are asking up to 150 thousand pesos.

In addition, they point out that a couple of weeks ago subjects went to the premises to notify them that, shortly, the payment of fees would begin, which had been suspended due to the health crisis and closures due to covid-19.

In an interview with Excelsior, the established vendors of the Center commented that this floor collection is carried out by subjects accompanied by children or adolescents, a situation that occurs more and more frequently, they even say that sometimes it is the minors themselves who go to the businesses to intimidate and leave notices from criminal groups.

In addition to these extortions, the vendors maintain that, now, street vendors also ask them for money so as not to go in front of their premises and allow them to pass.

In the case of small or local establishments, the established quota is 20 thousand pesos per month, but if it is a square, it ranges from 100,000 to 150,000 pesos per month.

This group, which preferred to remain anonymous, mentions that this has already been reported to the authorities of the Government of Mexico City and the mayor of Cuauhtémoc, however, they have not received any support, so they point to possible collusion.

They mentioned that this situation it’s already unsustainableTherefore, more and more businesses have preferred to close.

On the other hand, the tenants denounced that the war for the territory maintained by those of the Tepito Union, allied with those of the Third Destructive Action (3AD), and those of the Anti Union, together with those of the Jalisco Cartel New Generation, has left dozens of people missing and dead who are not reported by the authorities.

They indicated that almost daily, detonations of firearms are heard in the area and there are known “risings”, which makes them live in uncertainty, as they fear being the next victims.

Two fall linked to homicide

Baltazar “N” and José David Herrera Segura, aliases The Chayan, were arrested by capital authorities yesterday. Both are linked to the homicide of Alan and Héctor, whose dismembered bodies were found in black bags in the Historic Center.

The spokesman for the Prosecutor’s Office, Ulises Lara, pointed out that the capture of the 25-year-old man was carried out during a search carried out by elements of the Investigative Police, early yesterday morning in a building located on 86 República de Cuba Street, in the Center.

Baltazar ‘N’ is related as the person who possibly transferred, initially, the remains of the two minors, since their characteristic features are very similar to the person who appears in images available to the Prosecutor’s Office.

Lara López reported that haematic remains and clothing were found at the intervened home and were analyzed.

For their part, agents of the Secretariat of Citizen Security they captured José David Herrera Segura, alias The Chayán, a member of the Tepito Union, who is allegedly the boss of Édgar Zúñiga, the person who was apprehended while transferring the human remains.

This subject was detained in the Doctores neighborhood.


The holder of the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City, Ernestina Godoy, warned that anyone who has been involved in the murder of minors Alan and Héctor will be punished.

The Prosecutor’s Office is currently carrying out investigative acts to locate and bring to justice all the persons responsible for these acts. These events deeply move and outrage us and there will be no way or place to escape the action of justice for those who ordered, planned, executed or participated in this crime ”.

The local official said that what happened shook society and that they are already working so that this despicable action does not go unpunished.

-Wendy Roa