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‘It is unacceptable,’ says Sheinbaum about the murder of children in CDMX

After the remains of the minors Héctor Efraín and Alan Yair were found when a man transported them through the streets of the Center, dismembered in a little devil on October 31, the head of Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, described as “painful” and “unacceptable” the fact.

Through social networks, Sheinbaum said: “What happened with the two children in Col. Guerrero in our City is extremely painful and very serious.”

“It is unacceptable that criminal groups commit these crimes,” he added.

Likewise, the Head of Government indicated that There are arrests and the investigation by the Prosecutor’s Office continues from Mexico City, in addition to serving the families of Héctor Efraín and Alan Yair.

“Above all, we are going to go deep into addressing child labor from its causes,” Sheinbaum said through social networks.

In recent days, Sheinbaum declared that the discovery of the dismembered bodies of minors, apparently, is a matter related to drug dealing.

“It is an extremely regrettable case in the City, they have detained and are currently processing other arrests and the prosecution will give much more information on this particular case, which had to do with a drug dealing issue, it seems. The prosecutor informed the families to give them all the support they require, “he said.