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Lancheros demarcate themselves from sexual filming in Sumidero Canyon

Since the recording with erotic content was made in the Sumidero Canyon, the man who manned the motorboat of the Ángel Albino Corzo cooperative has not appeared and the rumors are that he is “sick and hospitalized”, but the partners dissociated themselves and declared that these facts “denigrate” the image of the national park. Some boatmen consider that the filming that was carried out in the national park could be an attraction to rebound in tourism that for eight months had stopped arriving in Chiapa de Corzo, as a result of the pandemic.

At the Cahuaré piers, some boatmen say that the filming that took place in the Sumidero Canyon may be a means of attracting tourism, but they are convinced that their partner did not adhere to security protocols, much less the law that rules in the park. The boatman Aristeo Martínez told reporters that the mistake of his colleague from the Ángel Albino Corzo cooperative was not to adhere to the regulations, that is, he did not ask the film’s producers for the written and authorized permissions to carry out the filming. Even the boatman violated security protocols, at the time that the actresses and actors took off their life jackets to film, as it is known that an actor was about to fall into the river.

The partner had to “ask for permission” to carry out the recording on the boat, since once people get on the boat, the crew member “is responsible for what happens” there. For example, there have been cases of people who, while intoxicated, have tried to jump into the river, so the crew member must react immediately and return to the pier. Thus, when these types of incidents occur, the driver of the boat is responsible for it and the safety of the tourists, then “he must stop and return to the pier”, but if the passenger continues they insisted on jumping into the water, then you have to report to the authorities so that they can take control of the events, explains Martínez.

Aristeo, who owns a restaurant on the pier, said that in the Sumidero Canyon it is difficult to communicate by telephone or radio, since the signal is lost and that is why when an incident occurs, what you must do is return to the jetty, to inform the authorities of what is happening. But the driver is the main responsible for the boat and therefore must decide “to continue or not to continue sailing” according to the magnitude of the problem that must be faced.

In the Sumidero Canyon, accidents have occurred that have caused the death of some people who have fallen from the boats due to collisions with timbers or due to high speed with which the boats are driven. The municipal authorities announced that they are investigating the owner of the boat, to establish responsibilities, for violating the General Law of Ecological Balance and Environmental Protection.

On Wednesday, a comedian from Chiapas arrived at the pier with two young women, to try to make a parody of the erotic video, but no boatman wanted to take the tour of the Canyon, residents said. They added that on Wednesday the partners of the Nandiume cooperatives, Ángel Albino Corzo, blue boats and Cahuaré, were called by the authorities to hold a meeting where the topic of filming erotic content and the consequences that the boatman could have was discussed. transported the actresses and actors.

Although the city council has said that the necessary measures will be taken to punish these events, the mayor Jorge Humberto Molina and the director of municipal tourism, Carlos Macías have not reported this Thursday about the actions that are coming, but they have not said whether any municipal official knew about the filming of the movie. In a letter signed by the leaders of the boatmen cooperatives, dated November 5, they say they regret the events that occurred on November 2 in the Sumidero Canyon, “since they denigrate the image of one of the main natural attractions of the region. country, symbol our state “.

The actresses and actors who carried out the filming in the national park, “damaged the image of our people and the cooperative societies, which with discipline and responsibility abide by the regulations of our authorities.” The boatmen who work in the Sumidero Canyon “are job creators for many families” and they add that they do not have authorization to use boats for filming, such as the one on November 2 and that “we categorically disapprove.”