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Marie-Christine Printz, for the love of the other

Alberta for love, who would have believed? We often talk about the economic boom, the attraction of the mountains, or the societal difficulties abroad to “land here”. And yet, Marie-Christine came to Alberta out of love. A relationship, at the beginning epistolary, which made him leave his native lands of Moselle (France), his dialect and his family with Sylvain, his son, under his wing.

Arnaud Barbet

“It wasn’t the first time that I left Lorraine for love,” she said with a discreet little smile. When she was 20 years old, Marie-Christine fell in love with a Parisian bluegrass musician who passed through Sarreguemines. An adventure which, after long letters, brought him to the capital. “I loved walking around Paris. Le Marais, Les Halles, Châtelet… ”

“We got married, but it didn’t last! »From this relationship was born Sylvain, his only child. Back to square one, “with my parents, without any misplaced pride”. Supported by this family cocoon, she rebuilds a “quiet” life, time for her son to grow up in good conditions. But now, Marie-Christine is the adventurous type.

Marie-Christine does not hesitate to share these French teas with us, which reminds her of the capital. Credit: Arnaud Barbet

Curious, she likes to walk on discussion forums, share opinions, learn from others. While abandoning the pen and the typewriter for the numeric keyboard, she begins a long-distance relationship with a Quebecer living in Alberta. “Once again, I decided to go on an adventure with my son. In a few months, we met in Calgary, it’s been almost 15 years today! “

A quiet force

Graduated in administration, she struggles to find a job. “My English was really not that great, but because I also speak German, I finally found a job with fat Bertha *”, she laughs, referring to this German artillery piece from WWI. She spent many years there, keeping incredible friendships with colleagues from the same corner of Lorraine, but on the other side of the Saar River. ” The world is small ! Today I continue to speak Francique with them, the patois of my home. “

When she talks about her origins, she hesitates for a few seconds and then says “those who don’t know me have trouble knowing where I’m from. My English accent is different from that of the French. I also have this little Germanic side, square, rigorous, far from the Latin spirit… ”It is also found a lot in the value of work, a notion that she never loses sight of. “When I lost my job after many years, I had to reinvent myself. I went to the other side. “

This is how she became an entrepreneur. “I was a virtual administrative assistant. It was not easy at the beginning, even if here it is easier to set up on your own, ”she says with hindsight. His entourage encouraged him; her husband emphasized to her her charisma, in which she did not really believe, and yet… Her small business operated for 7 years.

She likes to claim a simple life, but when in 2017, she applies for “Best Job Ever!” After her divorce, she struggles once again to bounce back. “I applied to Jazz as a flight attendant. Categorical refusal on medical grounds! She didn’t hear it that way. “I had chronic tendonitis, but it never stopped me from working! I argued my case, they certainly saw a great motivation in it, ”she said calmly.

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When the events slip

Photo2 Marie Christine Baguette
Marie-Christine takes out the first batch of baguettes of the day while waiting for the first customers. Credit: Arnaud Barbet.

Today, Marie-Christine is one of the aeronautical personnel waiting for takeoff. “We knew from the start of the year that we would stay on the tarmac, COVID obliges. So we do with… ”, she explains calmly, without bitterness. She also underlines the pleasure she had to work between heaven and earth. “The people were lovely, so were my colleagues. Often, customers emphasized my intelligible voice, very “Air France”! »Smile in surprise, compliment accepted.

Once again, Marie-Christine’s good humor has therefore shifted to other pleasures, gustatory. “My son, now chief, calls out to me. Benjamin, a friend, is looking for staff. Bibi is ready! So, for a few months now, Marie-Christine has been delighting all those who have a sweet tooth. Laughing, she concludes, “The hardest part is not to eat everything! ”

* The German industrial conglomerate Krupp has long been one of the world’s leading steel producers.