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Massive events disperse in Torreón

Dispersions of events and other suspensions were carried out during the night of Thursday in various points of Torreón by municipal and state authorities.

These are health surveillance actions to prevent COVID-19 infections and in accordance with the determinations of the Technical Subcommittee on Health in La Laguna.

He highlighted the dispersion of a massive event that was beginning to take place in the El Peru ejido, for which it was necessary the presence of elements of the Municipal Inspection and Verification Directorate and the Preventive Police itself, who called on the ejidatarios to return to their homes and avoid contagion of the virus.

Another situation with omissions of sanitary protocols occurred in the Plaza de la Colonia 5 de Mayo, there the Coordination of Control of Registers of the Ministry of Finance of Coahuila detected and suspended a sporting event, activities of this type were decreed as prohibited by the own Subcommittee on Health last Wednesday.

Regional authorities call on citizens to seek social protection and avoid crowds, this given the conditions of hospitalization and deaths that the pandemic has generated in La Laguna.