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Mexico reaches 949 thousand 197 positive cases of COVID-19

Mexican health authorities reported 544 new deaths and 5,567 new infections from COVID-19 on Thursday, reported in the last 24 hours, for a cumulative 93,772 deaths and 949,197 infections in this country.

In the daily technical report of the pandemic, increases of 0.58% in deaths and 0.58% in infections were confirmed, in contrast to the figures of the previous day, when there were 93,228 deaths and 943,630 infections.

Since the start of the pandemic, on February 28, in Mexico, 2,465,699 patients with signs and symptoms of the disease have been studied and who had a positivity rate of 39%, reported the director of Epidemiology of Mexico, José Luis Alomía, in press conference at the National Palace.

Among the group of patients studied there are 949,197 who had a positive for the viral infection, 1,152,767 with a negative result, and 363,735 still remain as suspected cases.

The health authorities classify suspected cases into those who do not have a sample (186,632), those who do not have the possibility of having a result (107,813) and those who do wait to know the diagnosis of their test (69,290).

In the report, Alomía highlighted that 701,837 patients are classified as recovered persons.

The official pointed out that the health authorities currently have 15,509 suspicious deaths that are classified as those without a sample (10,680), those that will not have a diagnosis (4,285) and those that can (544).

The projections of the Mexican authorities indicate that there are currently 1,102,262 estimated cases in the country, a figure that is obtained by adding the positives plus a percentage of suspects that are thought to test positive.

Alomía pointed out that 4% of the estimated cases, which correspond to 46,360 are the estimated active cases that represent the active epidemic in the country, being patients who developed their symptoms in the last 14 days.

Regarding deaths, it was reported that 10 states in the country account for 62% of deaths. Mexico City, alone, accounts for 16% of all deaths nationwide.


During the conference, the Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion of Mexico, Hugo López-Gatell, reported that the agency he represents will soon apply rapid antigenic tests, a new technical method for monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic.

“They will be used for epidemiological surveillance (…) there is not yet this type of test in Mexico, there are no health records and they are pending authorization,” said López-Gatell.

He pointed out that rapid antigenic tests are recommended by the Ministry of Health, unlike the so-called rapid antibody tests, made with blood tests, which the agency does not recommend.

Mexico is the tenth country with the most infections and the fourth with the most absolute deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University.

COVID-19 has established itself as the fourth cause of death in Mexico, behind heart disease, diabetes and malignant tumors, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi).