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National Guard regains control of Mexico-Pachuca booth

The protesters arrived at the booth with the intention of raising the feathers and requesting money from the motorists. Illustrative photo: Jorge González


After a group of protesters tried to seize the Ojo de Agua booth on the Mexico-Pachuca highway, elements of the National Guard took control of it and protected it.

The protesters, who claim to belong to civil organizations and who only seek support after having lost their jobs, arrived at the booth with the intention of raising their pens and requesting money from motorists.

However, nearly 200 elements of the National Guard arrived at the scene, so when they saw the presence of the police, the protesters decided to withdraw and leave the scene.

Through social networks, the National Guard reported that it reinforced the presence at the Tlalpan toll booths on the Mexico-Cuernavaca highway and Ojo de Agua on the Mexico-Pachuca highway, in order to provide security to those users. federal roads.

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