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PES deputies and Morena dance for TikTok during discussion of the Income Law

The controversial federal deputy of Encuentro Social, Nayeli Salvatori Bojalil, again generated controversy on social networks by uploading a video for TikTok in which she appears, along with different deputies from her bench and Morena, dancing on the main esplanade of the Chamber of Deputies.

In the video of just 14 seconds, it is explained that this video was made while there is a recess in San Lázaro, however, this Thursday there was no moment in which the ordinary session in the plenary session where the entire Fiscal Package of the President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

The first to appear is Salvatori herself, followed by deputy Iván Pérez Negrón (Morena); then María del Carmen Cabrera (PES); also Ignacio Campos Equihua (Morena); Claudia Báez (PES), Francisco Saldívar (PES) and Carolina García (PES).

This Thursday, in the plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies, the Federation Income Law for 2021 was approved in which it mandates the Institute of Health for Well-being (Insabi) to deposit in the Federation’s treasury, before 1 April 2021, 33 billion pesos from the Health Fund, which is used to treat catastrophic diseases such as cancer, HIV, among others.

Even Morena’s own deputy, Iván Pérez Negrón, was the legislator who proposed to reform the General Health Law so that the Federation could dispose of these 33 billion pesos, which according to the legislators of the 4T, will be for the vaccine of the Covid and health expenses, however, were not labeled that way.

For this, the legislator Salvatori was criticized on her Twitter, with comments such as Leo Rodríguez who replied: “In whose hands are we? I do not ask you to be bitter, but you are the ones who administer the country.”

Or Mario López who replied: “What a real shame, for everything there is a place and a moment. Seriously please.” Or Guillermo who posted: “If they were to work WITH their districts … They are only there for that and raise” their hands when they are ordered in Morena and López, not their represented. Hopefully and his followers realize … “.

Just last July, the federal deputy of the PES, Nayeli Salvatori, starred in another video that circulated on Tik Tok’s social networks when she appeared doing a choreography with reggaeton music and what seems to be bullets but in the plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies .

That is why they asked him “is this what we pay you for?” The deputy replied that to see if they are scared of those who were in past legislatures who were enriched with “moches” and added that she could be judged as ridiculous or “naca”, but never as a thief or traitor.

However, later he complained that his original video was edited and they put gunshot sounds so he is receiving death threats and is requesting that this new version of his video be downloaded.