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Police officer sanctioned for wanting to avoid a fine for his son –

The Police Ethics Committee imposed two four-month disqualification penalties on an agent from the Longueuil agglomeration police department (SPAL) who placed himself in a conflict of interest by wanting to avoid a ticket for his son.

On June 21, 2016, two agents from the Service de police de Laval (SPL) intercept a motor vehicle in which four people are seated. One of them is the son of a Longueuil police officer, Constable Eddy Rivert.

The police inform the occupants that the vehicle does not comply, that tickets will be drawn up and that the vehicle will be towed. Agent Rivert’s son then calls his father, who asks to speak to one of the intercepting agents.

Eddy Rivert identifies himself as the owner of the vehicle and a colleague from Longueuil. He asks the police officer if it is possible to “arrange” and tries to prevent the towing of the vehicle and the issuance of tickets.

Faced with the police officer’s refusal and visibly irritated by the progress of the intervention, agent Rivert went to the SPL police station and asked to meet with the supervisor to dispute the tickets and try to have them canceled.

Conflict of interest

Seized of the case, the Police Ethics Committee ruled last February that by acting in this way, Agent Rivert violated article 9 of the Quebec Police Code by not having exercised his functions. with disinterestedness and impartiality, not having avoided placing oneself in a conflict of interest and having used his status as a police officer to seek preferential treatment with regard to statements of offense.

On October 22, the Committee imposed on Constable Rivert, now retired, two concurrent sanctions of disqualification for a period of four months.

27 years of experience

When determining the penalties, the prosecutor for the Police Deontology Commissioner underlined as overwhelming factors Constable Rivert’s 27 years of experience, his responsibilities within the traffic division as well as his extensive knowledge of the Code. road safety; the factors selected by the Committee.

Administrative judge Sylvie Séguin also specifies in her judgment that “the sanctions are not imposed with the aim of punishing. They must make it possible to achieve not only the objective of protecting the public, but also to dissuade the officer from reoffending and to serve as an example with regard to other police officers who may be tempted to perform similar acts. “.

Constable Rivert had no previous ethics record.

With the collaboration of Philippe Lanoix-Meunier.