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Raymundo Collins’s house is searched in the Florida neighborhood


Elements of the Investigative Police carried out on Thursday afternoon a search to the home address of the former secretary of Public Security, Raymundo Collins, in the colony Florida.

The diligence was carried out in the property located in the number 99 of Iztaccíhuatl street which was insured by the Attorney General’s Office.

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Outside, a patrol from the Secretariat of Citizen Security guards the place.

So far the authorities have not provided information in this regard.

This would be the second address of whoever was also holder of the Housing Institute, which is searched.

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The first is located in Tequesquitengo, in the state of Morelos, where 41 classic vehicles found and works of art that remained under the protection of the Public Ministry.

Raymundo Collins is accused of illegal use of powers, a crime that according to the authorities he committed when he was head of the INVI.

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