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Rosario Robles lawyer does not know new arrest warrant

Rosario Robles’ lawyer, Epigmenio Mendieta, affirmed that they have not been formally notified of the new arrest warrant against his client for the crimes of organized crime and money laundering, in the case of the “Master Scam”.

However, he indicated, the former secretary of Social Development “qualifies it as an infamy, an infamy that arises from reports of false information and, of course, from evidence that has not been able to prove that it is part of that, of a criminal association that definitely does not exist. “

The litigant pointed out that they will wait to be notified by the judicial authorities to determine the legal strategy they will follow to reverse this process, so they will continue to be vigilant.

“Until we are formally notified, we will not have information regarding what the authorities should do, then we will be attentive to whether the content of the arrest warrant is actually confirmed, Rosario Robles must be formally notified along with them, their lawyers and from then on we will be aware of the content of the order, if it exists, “he commented after visiting the former official in the Santa Martha Acatitla prison.

And he added: “Two, from the evidence data that support it and Three, the notification to the control judge for the effect that the Public Ministry generates the corresponding hearing and we are summoned for the effect of the hearing to formulate the imputation correspondent”.

He mentioned that Rosario Robles’ position is that “it is about an infamy, that she was definitely not part of an organized crime group, as she already did at another time, she maintains or is confirmed as innocent with respect to the accusation that is claimed to be attributed to her for having signed agreements, she has already stated it, she is not accused of that famous organized crime process that they intend to attribute to her and much less of the Master Scam, in such a way that we will wait for the tests to finally build a defense strategy “.