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Saynez is honored; family and sailors fire him


In a private ceremony at the headquarters of the Secretariat of Navy-Navy of Mexico, Thursday, the funeral honors were held to Admiral Mariano Francisco Saynez Mendoza, former head of the agency and who died last Wednesday in the Mexico City.

The event was attended by relatives of the naval command, led by his widow, Mrs. María del Carmen Ruiz Durán, his children, and friends of the former official.

Admiral José Rafael Ojeda Durán, head of Semar, was accompanied by his first circle of collaborators; the undersecretary of the Navy, Admiral Eduardo Redondo Arámbulo; the senior officer, Admiral Enrique Genaro Padilla Ávila, and the Chief of the General Staff of the Navy, Admiral Luis Orozco Inclán.

Minutes before 12:00 hours, the coffin with the mortal remains of Admiral Saynez Mendoza arrived in a carriage, coming from the funeral home where he was veiled, located in the Del Valle neighborhood.

A marine guard received the coffin to take it to the lobby of the main building of Semar, where the ceremony was held, between a fence of the Naval Guard.

La Semar reported that as established by the agency’s legislation, the Funeral Honors Ceremony for Admiral Saynez Mendoza, consisted of words of thanks from a relative.

Subsequently, the curriculum sheet of the sailor born in the port of Veracruz, Veracruz, on September 20, 1942, and who began his career with entering the Heroic Naval Military School, in January 1959, from where he graduated as a midshipman.

The performance of Admiral Saynez Mendoza as head of Semar, between 2006 and 2012, and his career that led him to command of the Mexican Navy was recalled.

His training as a sailor was reinforced with specialization courses in the Inter-American Defense College and at the Center for Naval Superior Studies, in the areas of National Security and Intelligence.

Midshipman Saynez Mendoza was climbing all the grades that a member of the admiralty must pass in the navy, from lieutenant lieutenant to vice admiral, until on November 19, 2000 he obtained the highest professional rank.

It was the then president who invited him to collaborate in his administration, assuming command of the Navy-Navy of Mexico, between December 1, 2006 and November 30, 2012.

His work as deputy naval attaché at the Mexican embassy in the United States, naval attaché at the embassy in Great Britain was highlighted.

It was also recalled that in 2010 he received, with the authorization of the Senate of the Republic, the title of Grand Officer of the Legion of Honor, which was awarded to him by the government of the French Republic, and three years before the Federative Republic of Brazil decorated him with the Order of Naval Merit.

Before the coffin of Admiral Saynez Mendoza, covered by the Mexican flag, family, friends and commanders, led by the current Admiral Secretary Ojeda Durán, carried out honor guards.

Later, honors were paid to the sailor whistle and the command insignia was handed over to the relatives of the former Mexican Navy Secretary of the Navy.

Images of the Funeral Honors Ceremony were disseminated on the social networks of the Mexican Navy, in tribute to who was its owner between 2006 and 2012.

We reached the end, how long the cruise was. At last the gallant sailboat led us. To the desired port, the final goal. Good seas and better winds, Almirante Mariano Francisco Saynez Mendoza (1942-2020) ”, was the message that accompanied the video of the ceremony.