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The Center Nord School Board cancels its extracurricular sports activities

Following the recent development of COVID-19, the North Center School Board and other English-language school boards have made a joint decision to cancel after-school sports programs until the Christmas holidays. Despite these restrictions, the students and their families show understanding for this unstable situation which requires many sacrifices.

From our correspondent, Dan Lysenko

The increase in COVID-19 cases has prompted the Conseil Scolaire Center-Nord, Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools, St Albert Public Schools, and Sturgeon Public Schools to postpone extracurricular activities such as soccer, basketball and golf to 2021. volleyball.

Considering the physical and mental well-being of the students, this decision would not have been easy to make, according to the press release published Wednesday, October 28. “Having to hand in activities appreciated by students that allow them to develop their talents or play a sport is never an easy decision,” says Robert Lessard, Director General of the CSCN.

For the moment, no compensation program is offered to students apart from the physical education class. Gloria Sanouvi-Awoga, a grade 9 student, explains that prevention measures greatly limit the opportunity to forge links between students, both within the walls of Alexandre-Taché school and in other schools.

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Considering the unpredictable situation, the future changes to come are still unclear for the establishments. In these uncertain times and with the strict measures in place, sports activities are very limited. According to Antoine Boussombo, teacher at Alexandre Taché school, young people who hoped to receive sports scholarships will be disappointed.

Added to the changes brought about by the pandemic are the daily challenges staff members already had to deal with. “Schools have had to restructure several things from the use of lockers to the functioning of libraries. The biggest obstacle is the sudden isolation of entire classes when a positive case arises. It’s a lot of stress for students and teachers, ”says Paula Power, manager of communications services at St Albert Public Schools.

At the end of the day, however, the safety of the community had to be considered. Gloria adds, “the time we spend together with students, with friends, is something that is very close to our hearts. But more than that, safety is very important to us. We understand that if we protect ourselves at school we also protect our families, as well as the families of other students ”.

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