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They detect the route of the millionaire detours of ‘La Scam Maestra’

Federal authorities found the route of the money from the millionaire detours of the Master Scam that had international reach.

Federal sources confirmed that the arrest warrant issued this Thursday against Rosario Robles, former head of the Ministry of Social Development (Sedesol), for organized crime and money laundering, derived from a complaint filed since September 11, 2019 by the Unit of Financial Intelligence (FIU).

According to the FED / SEIDO / UEIORPIFAM-CDMX / 0001220/2019 research folder, much of the money diverted in the Master Scam left the public coffers in cash and by transfers of values ​​to private homes.

Likewise, the FIU detected that other deposits were made abroad, so the authorities they requested data from countries such as Spain and Panama to quantify them.

In the complaint filed by the UIF and lodged in the Specialized Unit for Investigation of Operations with Resources of Illicit Origin, Forgery or Alteration of Currency, Emilio Zebadúa and Ramón Sosamontes, former senior officer and former head of the office of Sedesol and of the Secretariat of Territorial and Urban Agrarian Development (Sedatu), respectively.

The sources consulted confirmed that the FIU requested to be recognized as a victim in the case, in which this Friday the arrest warrant against Robles will be completed.

Since last year, Robles has been confined in the Santa Martha prison and linked to a process for improper exercise of public service in the case of the Master Scam because the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) indicated her as not avoiding millionaire detours, despite knowing the irregularities with which they were committed.