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They go after ‘El Pollo’, mastermind of the murder of children in CDMX

The investigations of the capital’s prosecutor’s office to solve the homicide of the children Héctor and Alan Yair, point out that the main suspects of the crime are members of La Unión Tepito, specifically the cell of “El Manzanas” and “El Elvis”, who They dispute the control of extortion, the collection of a flat and the retail sale of drugs in the central area of ​​the country’s capital.

After the arrest of three people in the case, it was announced that the neighborhood where the minors were murdered belongs to an alleged criminal who is identified as “El Pollo.”

The suspect is the boss of those streets and is accountable to “El Manzanas” and “El Elvis.” In addition to the fact that the authorities confirmed that he gave the authorization to use his property for the murder.

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“El Pollo” is related to the retail sale of drugs – in which he uses children – and was even linked to the murder of the merchant leader, Raymundo Pérez, which occurred in May 2019.

The investigations indicate that, apparently, the minors leaked information that they collected in the streets and neighborhoods that they traveled and sent it to La Anti-Unión.

In the crime, the three detainees detailed, at least eight people participated, including those who took them to the neighborhood and who tried to dispose of the bodies; However, the objective of the FGJ-CDMX is to locate and detain the intellectual authors, for which they urged the capture of “El Pollo”, who is the direct boss of Baltazar “N”, Édgar “N” and José David , “El Chayan”; their testimonies before the authorities assure that they work for him and that everything was ordered to give a message and prevent infiltrations into the criminal group.

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Prosecutor Ernestina Godoy Ramos revealed that specialized investigative elements are working in a timely manner to find those responsible for the murder that she described as atrocious and abominable: “There will be no way or place to escape the action of justice for those who ordered, shoveled , executed or participated in this crime. “