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They provide support to 38 thousand victims of rains


To date, economic support has been provided to the inhabitants of 38,000 homes affected by the floods last October and the registry of those affected by the recent rains is still in the process of being determined, said the Secretary of Welfare, Javier May.

“38,160 homes that were affected were registered, of which it consisted of giving them support for the purchase of household goods, it was a support of 10,000 pesos per home, which was delivered to 38,160 families,” May said.

At a press conference in the National Palace, the official established that there were 400 economic support that remained pending from among the victims of the flood generated by the discharge of the dam Peñitas, at the beginning of October.

May, a native of Tabasco, recognized that there is a urban disorder generalized in the state, with houses built near channels or regulating vessels and discharges of sewage to water bodies.

“There are irregular colonies in all sectors, in all areas there are colonies that lack all the infrastructure, drainage, paving, electricity, they have settled in an irregular way,” said the official.

He stressed that it will seek to put urban order in the entity with the intervention of municipal governments, the state and the federal government.

It is estimated that in Tabasco there are 77 thousand homes affected by the flood due to the rains in recent weeks.

Rainfall is expected to continue this weekend in the state.

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