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They sign agreements with state prosecutors to deal with electoral crimes

With the aim of facilitating the attention of the complaints that are formulated for the probable commission of electoral crimes, the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office for Electoral Crimes (FEDE) of the FGR, signed nine agreements with the prosecutors of Durango, Sonora, San Luis Potosí, Baja California, Nuevo León, Sinaloa, Tamaulipas, Zacatecas and Chihuahua.

This seeks to achieve clean and fair elections next year, in which governorships, the Chamber of Deputies, local congresses and mayors will be renewed, said the head of the FEDE, José Agustín Ortiz Pinchetti, who added that the Attorney General’s Office of the The Republic always has the objective of defending and establishing forever the will of the people of Mexico.

The official explained that these agreements are in favor of electoral justice and an expression of a generalized political will throughout the country.

Ruth Medina Alemán, Durango attorney general, pointed out that in this historic moment we have the commitment to respect and enforce the will of the voters.

For her part, Claudia Indira Contreras Córdova, attorney general of Sonora, specified that the signing of this agreement is to facilitate the complaints that are made for the probable commission of crimes in electoral matters and to carry out the activities jointly, as it should be among the prosecutors.

In turn, Federico Arturo Garza Herra, prosecutor of San Luis Potosí, added that this signing of agreements unites democracy in favor of the prosecution of justice.

During his speech, the attorney general of Baja California, Juan Guillermo Ruíz Hernández, promised to respect all the points of this agreement.

The FEDE stressed that with the signing of these agreements, the nine prosecutors agreed that a priority is to ensure fair elections and that they will constantly work on the investigation of probable crimes in the matter.