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This is how they transferred the remains of Alan and Héctor, dismembered minors


Security cameras captured the moment in which a man walks through the streets of the Historic Center pushing the “little devil” in which he carried the remains of Hector, 14, and Alan, 12, the dismembered minors.

In another shot, the same subject is seen walking, but stops walking because the wheels of the cart get stuck on the edge of the sidewalk.

The subject pushes again and again to try to pass and even turns back a little, but cannot cross.

On the other side of the sidewalk, you can see a policeman from Mexico City, you can see his uniform and his jacket with reflectors. The man carrying the dismembered bodies got stuck right in front of him.

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According to the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City, the person who carried the “little devil” with the children’s remains would be Baltazar “O”, who was arrested this Thursday morning in a neighborhood on República de Cuba street. in which it is investigated whether the minors were tortured and murdered.

The subject was taken from that neighborhood and presented at the premises of the Prosecutor’s Office despite the accusations, for now he is only accused of possession of bribery drugs.

Just yesterday, elements of the Ministry of Citizen Security arrested another man suspected of participating in the murder of the minors. The subject was identified as David “N”, alias El Chayan, considered a member of the criminal group of La Unión. According to the investigations, he would be the boss of those who committed the crime. The subject was already imprisoned for homicide and drug dealing, but was released. The intelligence elements of the capital’s police arrested an armed man in the streets of the Doctores neighborhood, where he arrived since Sunday after fleeing his home in the downtown area of ​​the city.

The two arrests are in addition to those of a subject who was arrested Sunday after the bodies of the minors were discovered. According to the prosecution, the first subject who took them decided to abandon them after getting stuck in front of the policeman, so this other subject came to continue pushing him, but there he was arrested.

While the capital city police continue with the investigations of the case, the family of Alan and Héctor fired them yesterday, after leaving their house in the Historic Center with white balloons, they were buried in the State of Mexico.

I love you mom, you are the love of my life ”, was the last message that Héctor placed in his WhatsApp status on his phone. The message was written at 1:33 am on October 22, five later his last connection was recorded at 9:39 pm on October 27.

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That was the last day that Héctor and Alan were seen, that night they commented that they would go to celebrate San Judas Tadeo at the church of San Hipólito and then to see Héctor’s girlfriend, however, nothing was known about them.

Five days later the authorities discovered that the minors were tortured, murdered and dismembered by members of La Unión Tepito.

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