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Trump wins in evangelical communities, Catholics are divided

Trump among white evangelicals. However, the Catholic community is divided.


President Donald Trump had the votes of about eight of each 10 white evangelical Christians, while Catholics they divided equally between him and his Democratic opponent Joe Biden, according to VoteCast.

Trump’s strength among the white evangelicals reveals the enduring success of Republican Party in a bloc of religious conservatives who have been a pillar of the President’s political base since his victory in 2016.

AP VoteCast revealed that 50% of Catholics backed Trump and 49% Biden, reflecting that it is a hotly contested bloc in presidential elections, especially in industrial states like Michigan and Wisconsin. Trump won both states by less than one percentage point in 2016, but Biden prevailed in both this time. The survey of 110,000 voters across the country was made for The Associated Press by NORC at the University of Chicago.

Both campaigns appealed to Catholics to vote according to your faith. The Trump supporters highlighted Biden’s support for abortion rights, while Biden’s said the president has not addressed the social justice issues that are part of his church’s teaching profession.

Should he win, Biden would be the second catholic president of history, after John F. Kennedy.

Catholic voters made up 22% of the electorate, sharply divided by race and ethnicity.

57% of white Catholics voted for Trump and 42% for Biden, according to VoteCast. In 2016 the proportion It was 64% for Trump and 31% for Hillary Clinton, according to an analysis by the Pew Center.

Among Hispanic Catholics, 67% backed Biden and 32% Trump, according to VoteCast.

The election results reveal that the Catholic Church is as divided as our nation, but the division is racial and ethnic, not theological, “said David Gibson, director of the Center for Religion and Culture at Fordham University.

The gap between the vote White Catholic and the Latino Vote Pro-Biden is a challenge for church leaders, especially if the Republican Party continues to seduce white voters with its anti-immigrant discourse, he added.

Among voters with no religious affiliation, Biden won 72% of the vote and Trump 26%.

Jews made up 3% of the electorate and went out of their way overwhelmingly in favor of Biden, with 68% against 31%. Among Muslims, 64% of the votes went to Biden, 35% to Trump.

Trump got a great result in the Church of Jesus Christ of thes Latter-day Saints, Mormons. 71% voted for Trump, 24% for Biden.

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