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UQTR: New campus on the Fleur de Lys site in Quebec – L’

The University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières (UQTR) will be deployed in a brand new university campus which will be erected on the Fleur de Lys site in Quebec. Modern facilities, open spaces, refined architecture and a very accessible location are also the menu of the future construction.

The first students, teachers and staff will also be entering in the summer of 2021.

“We are very happy with our agreement with Trudel Alliance. This new campus will allow us to expand our psychoeducation program, which has been established in Quebec City since 2006. For several years now, we have started to be cramped at Complexe Bellevue and this hampered our possibility of development. Now, the stars have aligned and we can move forward thanks to Trudel Alliance ”, testified the rector of UQTR, Daniel McMahon.

“You will understand that like all our projects, this one was closely followed by our board of directors. The proposed plan and the chosen location ensure that it meets our needs. We had 425 students in Quebec and we will now be able to double that number. We hope to have 1000 students of 1er, 2e and 3e cycle next year. Note also that this will not change our center of excellence in psychoeducation in Trois-Rivières. We could not meet the excess demand, whereas from now on, we could welcome more students in Quebec City, and more students in Trois-Rivières. ”

This long-awaited development was recently formalized with the signing of a 15-year lease approved by the Ministry of Higher Education.

“It’s a dream for us!”, For his part said William Trudel, founding president and chief executive officer of Trudel Alliance. “When we bought the properties in Fleur de Lys, we met several people and people wanted a knowledge education center in the area. This is a forward-looking decision for a central sector of Quebec City that will literally be transformed over the next few years. ”

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“This new university campus in Fleur de Lys is the first step in an ambitious redevelopment project which aims to create a new, perfectly integrated living environment where, in particular, we will find an adapted residential offer. While preserving its historic character, we are transforming an old emblematic building, which for many years has made the pride of many residents of the area, a Mecca of knowledge. Students will be able to study, live and have fun there, ”added Jonathan Trudel, executive vice-president and co-founder of Trudel Alliance.

Doors open on November 21

UQTR will hold its traditional Open House on November 21, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., in virtual mode at The opportunity will be perfect for future students to discover the programs currently offered by UQTR in Quebec such as the certificate, the bachelor’s and the master’s degree in psychoeducation, as well as the short graduate program in psychosocial intervention in the context of adventure.