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23 minutes it took them to remove the remains of Yair and Héctor from the neighborhood in CDMX

The Attorney General’s Office has proven the participation of Édgar, alias ‘El Zúñiga’, and Baltazar ‘N’ in the murder of the two adolescents who were dismembered in a neighborhood located in the Historic Center of Mexico City.

In a video in the file, it is observed how Baltazar took 23 minutes from his entry to the neighborhood of the Republic of Cuba, where the minors were murdered, until his departure with the boxes in which the remains were.

After throwing the boxes with the bodies in the street of Chile, because the ‘little devil’ where he was transporting them got stuck, Baltazar returned to the neighborhood to ask for support from ‘El Zúñiga’, who continued with the work until he was arrested by officers in the Republic of Chile and Belisario Domínguez.