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A hearing is held against a detainee for the crime of Alan and Hector

Lara López maintained that the Prosecutor’s Office reiterates its strong condemnation of these events that have outraged society. Photo: Cuartocuro


The Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City reported that this Friday the initial hearing was held against Edgar “N” for the crime of qualified homicide.

El Zúñiga, as he is known, was the man captured on November 1 when he was moving the boxes with the bodies of Alan and Hector.

At a press conference, Ulises Lara, spokesman for the agency, indicated that in the case of Baltazar “N”, the second detained for this crime, they are about to prosecute the investigation folder for the crime of drug dealing and work is being done on the integration of the investigation to request the arrest warrant against him, also for the murder of minors.

As we have already mentioned, it has been identified that Baltazar “N” may be the one who transported the cargo truck from the property located in the Republic of Cuba to the Republic of Chile, where the boxes with the remains of the minors were located. However, according to the investigation, when the boxes fell, said person returned to the searched home and in a second moment Édgar “N” was arrested, who approached the truck and the boxes, possibly to continue moving them.

Lara López stated that the Prosecutor’s Office reiterates its strong condemnation of these events that have outraged society and commented that in relation to El Chayan, detained in the Doctores neighborhood, so far your responsibility has not been determined in the double homicide, but work on it.

Regarding the possibility that the criminal groups that operate in the downtown area are recruiting minors for criminal actsYes, he said that it is already being investigated about it.

We are working hard, with this event we undoubtedly have a huge responsibility to ensure that a situation of this nature does not occur again, to expand the investigation and we will be working on that and that is why I reiterate the need that if people have information to help us investigate other cases or this one, to expand the information.

Finally, he indicated that they are awaiting the results of the analyzes carried out by experts in genetics, chemistry, criminalistics and photography of the General Coordination of Forensic Investigation and Expert Services, to the indications located during the search carried out in a neighborhood of República de Cuba street and will soon be confirmedLearn more about the topic.

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