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Alonso Ancira presents himself voluntarily to re-enter prison in Spain

After learning that the Spanish court of appeal rejected the appeal in the face of the extradition request presented by the Government of Mexico, this Saturday morning Alonso Ancira Elizondo voluntarily appeared before the police of that country, in order to be re-entered prison , reported in Monclova Altos Hornos de México (AHMSA).

The company, through a statement, announced that once the court’s decision is endorsed by the Council of Ministers and in the next few days the negative judgment is officially communicated, the defense of the President of the Council of Altos Hornos de México will file an amparo appeal and request to return to parole pending the completion of the legal process.

As Ancira himself and his lawyers in Mexico and Spain have argued, the crime of operations with resources of illicit origin of which he is accused lacks legal support, given that the financial movements alluded to in the accusation

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