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Biden asks not to fight and join forces; picks up in key states


Three days with no clear winner of the US presidential election, Joe Biden sent a message of unity.

In a message to the nation, amid the uncertainty generated by the delays in the vote count, the Democratic candidate expressed his confidence that he will win the elections, but reiterated that he will wait for the total vote count.

He said a record number of Americans “chose change over more of the same.”

He stressed that parties can be opponents, not enemies, which is why he called not to waste time in bipartisan fights.

Let’s leave behind the anger and demonization. Let’s join forces for the American people, “he said.

In Nevada, Biden’s lead over Trump grew slightly, as did Pennsylvania and Georgia. In Arizona, the trend in favor of the former vice president also continues.

“Let’s stop anger and join forces”

In a message to the nation amid the uncertainty generated by the delay in the vote count and the lack of clarity of the winner of the US presidency, the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, called for unity.

The former vice president, who yesterday extended his advantage over the current president, Donald Trump, in decisive states, also expressed his confidence that he will win the elections.

Neither candidate has reached the 270 Electoral College votes needed to reach the White House.

Biden noted that he has already won the most votes for any presidential candidate in the country’s history.

He said a record number of Americans “chose change over more of the same.”

In addition, he stressed that political parties can be opponents, but they are not enemies, which is why he called not to “waste time in bipartisan fights.”

Let’s leave behind the anger and demonization. ‘ Let’s join forces for the American people, “he said.

The people have already spoken and I will be the president who unifies the United States. The numbers are clear, we will win this election ”, he added.


Five states are holding the result in suspense, one of them is Nevada, where Biden’s advantage over Trump grew slightly yesterday to 22,657 votes.

State officials said the advance is due to ballots mailed from Democratic-dominated Clark County.

Also in Pennsylvania, a state that could give Biden victory without waiting for the other entities to count, he surpassed the president.

Biden has 3’302,977 votes compared to the 3’293,000 that Trump accumulates.

And in Georgia, the Democrat also took advantage, with 1,579 votes.


The mission of the Organization of American States (OAS) for the elections in the United States affirmed yesterday that it has not “directly observed any serious irregularity” in the elections and asked the candidates to avoid “harmful speculations.”

The mission stated that it is “critical” that “candidates act responsibly by presenting and arguing legitimate claims in court and not unfounded speculation in the media.”

He indicated that the observers deployed in Michigan and Georgia “did not witness any of the aforementioned irregularities.”

The OAS deployed a small mission to the US led by its Secretary General, the Uruguayan Luis Almagro, made up of 28 experts from 13 countries.

Almagro was photographed Tuesday wearing a beige vest with the OAS logo and a credential inspecting a voting center in Maryland.



The Georgia authorities reported yesterday that they will proceed to a recount of the votes in Tuesday’s elections in this state, where the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, has an advantage over US President Donald Trump.

With such a small margin, there is going to be a recount in Georgia, “Brad Raffensperger, the Secretary of State, who is the Interior Minister in charge of the process, told reporters.

Georgia has 16 electoral votes, so if Biden wins, he would be on the verge of the presidency with 269, until the closing of this edition he had 253. To win he needs 270.

For his part, Trump questioned the process in Georgia. On his Twitter account he posted: “Where are the missing military ballots in Georgia? What happened to them?”. He also warned that he will file a lawsuit.



US Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito ordered Pennsylvania election officials to keep separate vote-by-mail ballots that arrived after Election Day, Tuesday, November 3.

The state’s top electoral official had already ordered those ballots to be kept separate.

The order came yesterday in response to a request from the state Republican Party, as Democratic candidate Joe Biden led Donald Trump in Pennsylvania in the presidential race.

The order relates to an ongoing Republican appeal to the Supreme Court to try to prevent ballots received in the mail from being counted as of Wednesday. The state’s superior court granted a three-day extension.

– AP