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“Che” takes care of his car

Javier Fernández managed his car at the Querétaro racetrack.

Mexico City

A complicated weekend, due to problems with the brakes of his car, was the one experienced by the Argentine driver, Javier “Che” Fernández, during the sixth and seventh dates of the NASCAR FedEx Challenge, which was played in a circuit format at the Ecocentro de Querétaro racetrack.

The steering wheel of the car marked with the number 96 CooperTires-SherwinWilliams-Bohn-FB-Pasteur-LaMansión-Moncar-Friaco-SidralAga-MakeAwish-Huixquilucan-SeguridadHalcones pointed out that he had to compete with a cool head in both commitments, in order to finish the races without being involved in the infinity of contacts that there were.

“They were very complicated tests, there were many contacts, the cars suffered a lot from brakes, on Friday we were in position 19 going back, but we started to suffer from brakes and therefore we slowed down to be able to finish with the complete car” reported the experienced pilot.

“The date

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