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Ciro Gómez Leyva clarifies points; responds to article


Mexican journalist Ciro Gómez Leyva, head of the Third Issue of Noticias de Imagen Televisión, responded to the accusations of journalists Patricia Mazzei and Nicole Perlroth, made in the article “Fake news directed at Latinos is behind the election.” posted on

This text criticizes an alleged concerted action by Latino media and journalists to spread falsehoods, whose objective would be to make people believe that Donald Trump was being robbed of the election.

Ciro Gómez Leyva affirmed that 150 members of Antifa were descending on Washington with gas masks, weapons and shields, ”reads paragraph 14 of said article.

However, last night in his Imagen Televisión news program, the Mexican journalist assured that there were no lies in the information he released on November 3.

To reinforce his saying, he showed videos of Antifa members wearing gas masks, shields, knives and bats, images he used to document his Tuesday note.

In another video he showed two people being stabbed by a group of men, who were caught on video by a woman who tells what is happening at the moment.

I can’t help you. I know, but we must help them. They tried to stab you, ”says the woman.

They stabbed me. I’m bleeding. I am bleeding a lot ”, indicates the testimony of an attacked man

My God, you have tons of blood coming out of your neck. That’s right, come here, follow me. We need an ambulance, he is bleeding from his neck! ”The woman shouts.

Given the images shown at the national level, Gómez Leyva asked where is the false news?

He also reported how protesters attacked Imagen Televisión news producer Gonzalo Figueroa.

I see you filming, son of a … I keep watching you, stop. I’m going to kick you if you record me again. You’re screwed if I see you recording again again. I don’t want excuses, please go away ”, he is heard being told.

Gómez Leyva called the work of the American reporters a slander.

Personally, I am surprised that the supposedly rigorous staff of editors of The New York Times allows a story like the one of these two women to be published that, at least in terms of our work, is a real blow. A fly with very bad milk, “he said.

He concluded that the images are on their social networks and on Imagen Televisión so that the public can see that there is no falsehood in the information released last Tuesday.


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